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Liz and Susan Go Grocery Shopping

Posted by Susan on August 3, 2010

Discovered a great big grocery store just off of the bike path, 2.10 miles from where we live.

Southwest Corridor Bike Path Sign

This way to Stop-N-Shop

Today’s grocery bike will be the Gunnar “Fastlane” , handbuilt right here in the USA by Waterford Precision Cycles, it’s got disc brakes, a beefy frame, room for fenders and wide tires. The front wheel is centered around a Schmidt “SON 20” dynohub. The panniers are by Ortlieb, and they’re sitting on a Tubus rack.

Of course, no commuting bike is complete without a bell, essential item for rush hour on the bike path.

Essential Bike Path equipment - the bell.

It’s part of the usual course of our lives to bike to grocery stores, but this was a treat, the bike path was re-paved, so all those nasty bumps were smoothed out!

Fully loaded with the weeks worth of groceries

Liz’s grocery bike is an upright Soma “Double Cross”. It’s also got a nice beefy frame, and works well for carrying a full load. We’ve installed a disc brake fork for solid stopping in the rain, and the front wheel is built around a Shimano Alfine dynohub that powers an amazingly bright Busch and Muller “Cyo N plus” front light.

Liz Grocery Shopper

Leisurely ride during rush hour!

The Ortlieb bags are waterproof, durable, easy on and off of the rack, and they carry A LOT of groceries! We love them!

I apologize for the quality of the photos, eventually I’ll get around to learning some photoshop.


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Mountain Biking at Cutler Park with motley gang

Posted by Susan on August 3, 2010

This last Sunday headed out to Cutler Park with Kevin, Theresa, Jonathan, Peter and a friend whose name I have forgotten. Everyone on a different species of steed: myself on a Gunnar Rock Tour with Big Fat Apples, Kevin on his Redline Monocog, Therese on a Trek 970 circa 1991, Jonathan on a single speed MTB circa 1985 (front brake only and upright “dorothy bars”), and Peter and friend on cyclocross bikes. Three of us were in jeans, cut-offs and t-shirts, the other three in our “kits”. The weather was perfect, there was lots of laughter, and no one took themselves too seriously. Will post pics later this week.

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