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Why Custom?

Posted by Susan on April 24, 2011

Riding my new custom built Sketchy (see previous post) gives me a new perspective on the question of why one would want a custom built bike, and what custom means.

Me riding my Sketchy

Enjoying the sun on the Sketchy

  • A custom bike fits well: I can ride with my bars level with my saddle, and there’s leeway with the fit so the bike can grow with me.
  • It rides the way I want it too: for me this means that it is lighter and faster than my commuter, but is still steady for me at a slower commuter pace.
  • It does what I need it to do: all my bikes do double duty as commuters. I needed room for bigger tires with fenders and the ability to carry a light load on the back.
  • It looks the way I want it to look. I didn’t want clunky fender and rack attachments. I love the pink.

The Sketchy is so much nicer than I imagined. It just flies! To me it’s beautiful, and a joy to ride. I used to think that custom was primarily about fit, but it’s really about getting a bike that fits your riding style and fulfills your riding needs.


2 Responses to “Why Custom?”

  1. That’s such a nice picture of you on the bike. I just saw Jim’s Sketchy today and it’s a great bike!

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