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D2R2 in reverse in brief

Posted by Susan on August 28, 2011

This year I downloaded the tracks to the GPS, but failed to study the maps and cue sheet.  I was determined to ride the 180k to lunch at the back of the pack, so I left the start at 7am — all alone (I had invited another rider to join me, but I was very sleepy and muddleheaded, and I forgot to wait for him – seriously (Sorry Dan, I hope you’ll join me next year).  Since this ride is a loop, when I reached the juncture of the inbound with the outbound, I had to make a guess about which way I would take.  So, I flipped a mental coin and  turned right, unknownst to me at that moment – I had chosen to ride the 180k in reverse.

Well, the first 7 miles were enjoyably mellow, and  it was a thrill to fly down Patten Hill!  Once I figured that I was riding the route in reverse – I rejoined the real 180k by making a left turn on Adamsville Rd.  Having taken a 25 mile shortcut, I rejoined just in time to see the fast riders go by,  and I enjoyed  a perfectly lovely, leisurely solo ride to the lunch stop, arriving just 5 minutes before Elisabeth and Susan Montgomery!

Elisabeth and Susan, who rode the Green River Ride to lunch, wanted to try some real hills, so we three rode an additional 8 mile loop after lunch.  I was surprised to see Elisabeth turn into a super biker as she  disappeared ahead of us!  Her lowest gear was a 34 (front) by 27. I had been concerned that she wouldn’t want to climb the hills in that gear, and had offered my bike, but she had refused.  She certainly turned out to be the better hill climber of the two of us, I was just plodding along in my 30 x 30.

I chose to ride a knobby cyclocross tire -the Clementi PDX – at about 50psi.   I had no regrets about these tires on this ride.  They were great on the rough gravel roads, and I could descend with much more security than the previous year.  I would certainly ride with them again next year, and enjoyed them much more than the Paselas for the control I felt over the gravel and washouts.  Elisabeth rode her 650b Casati.  She was mostly content  with her 32mm Gran Bois tires,  but felt a little insecure on descents.  Susan rode her Salsa Fargo with Clementi tires that I sold her.  She also loved the Clementis.

I liked my reverse ride, and I might see if I can get Elisabeth to ride it with me next year. I also enjoyed riding at my own pace.  I still climbed about 8,000 feet (in 40 miles) .

We returned to the lunch spot for a second round of drinks and sandwhiches, then met Elton and others for the ride back to Deerfield, via the Green River Route.  All smooth riding back to the start, I followed the GPS track, while Elisabeth verified the turns with her cue sheet.

The rain started 5 minutes after we were packed away in the car and rolling out –good thing I had those fenders!


7 Responses to “D2R2 in reverse in brief”

  1. Jay said

    I think I saw your bike yesterday at lunch. I was taking in all the custom frames and when I saw a Sketchy I made a mental note to look them up. I’ve never heard of their frames before. Needless to say, this blog popped up when I googled the company. Do they have an official website? Checkout my ride report at Cheers!

    • Susan said

      Hi Jay! Enjoyed reading your ride report. Sketchy is made by Mike Salvatore, who has no official site as of yet. He’s made a few bikes for friends and acquaintances. my earlier blog on the Sketchy .

      • Jay said

        Thanks! You too. I just started the blog last month (if you couldn’t tell). What a nice rig. Did it handle well on the D2R2?

      • Susan said

        I’m also new to the blogworld, and I cringe at the bare bones of my own blog, so no worries there. The Sketchy handled D2R2 beautifully, and it was designed to be a long distance, dirt road riding, hill climbing bike. It is essentially just a light steel road bike that takes fat tires. I knew I wouldn’t be jumping logs with it, so I didn’t need a high cyclocross bottom bracket, but I have been riding the singletrack of Cutler Park, and it is fun, fun, fun! Sigh – I wish I could ride only dirt all the time!

      • Jay said

        Yeah. It was the place to be for custom rides. I just made a new entry about another ride I’m thinking of doing. The Fall Classic for New England Randonneurs. Seems cool. I just don’t know if I can handle it with work and all.

  2. dan mcmartin said

    No worries Susan, the 115k was my destiny that day, maybe next year. I was scanning for d2r2 posts and didn’t realize this was you. Started sounding very familiar and then…bing!

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