Twelfth Bike

or Ride What You Will


I bike everyday. I work at Harris Cyclery. I’ve a history of working as a mechanic, messenger, teacher, librarian. To me, cycling is about freedom, and exploring the world in a more thoughtful way. It’s also nice when it’s aesthetically pleasing, although, I confess that I do frequently wear neon yellow while commuting.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Dan said

    I found your Great Allegheny Passage story with your Dahons to be very interesting. Have you done anymore Dahon trips, news, or general “life with 20 in. wheel” thoughts?

    • Susan said

      Hi Dan,

      Well, as of now, we’re planning another GAP trip for this next fall, and hopefully a better write up – or at least – better pictures. We haven’t any other plans, or news, but we fantasize about biking the Oregon/California Coast, and the North sea cycle route. We figure, we’d be doing these on the Dahons. (unless we should move to Oregon) . Sorry, no other news.

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