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Why Custom?

Posted by Susan on April 24, 2011

Riding my new custom built Sketchy (see previous post) gives me a new perspective on the question of why one would want a custom built bike, and what custom means.

Me riding my Sketchy

Enjoying the sun on the Sketchy

  • A custom bike fits well: I can ride with my bars level with my saddle, and there’s leeway with the fit so the bike can grow with me.
  • It rides the way I want it too: for me this means that it is lighter and faster than my commuter, but is still steady for me at a slower commuter pace.
  • It does what I need it to do: all my bikes do double duty as commuters. I needed room for bigger tires with fenders and the ability to carry a light load on the back.
  • It looks the way I want it to look. I didn’t want clunky fender and rack attachments. I love the pink.

The Sketchy is so much nicer than I imagined. It just flies! To me it’s beautiful, and a joy to ride. I used to think that custom was primarily about fit, but it’s really about getting a bike that fits your riding style and fulfills your riding needs.


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Posted by Susan on April 22, 2011

Here’s my new custom built Sketchy, built by expert frame builder Mike Salvatore of Seven Cycles. Made to fit me and my riding style, it’s light and fast, has plenty of room for fat tires (700 x 35) with fenders, fits a rack on the back, and has triple water bottle mounts.

Front view of the sketchy

A long distance dirt road riding machine.

Pink Sketchy

Color is RAL 3015 Light Pink

I wanted a simple mounting solution for rack and fenders.

Brake bridge with integrated fender and rack attachment

Brake bridge with integrated fender and rack attachment

Since this bike is intended for epic rides (such as D2R2), I wanted a third set of water bottle cage mounts. These also work nicely for holding my Lezyne pump. Though the frame does also have a pump peg, should I decide to carry a “normal” size road pump.

Pump intalled in place of third water bottle.

One good use for a third set of water bottle mounts.

Since I don’t race, I don’t ever find that I need a front ring larger than 42. This triple crankset is converted into a double, with a chain guard in place of the third chainring. This is a simple solution to compatibility issues of using small rings with standard derailleurs. This gearing is enough for me, the chain guard offers a little extra protection against grease when I’m commuting, the weight is negligible, and there is less chainrub in the front.

I’ve put about 1,000 miles on it so far. It’s wonderful to ride.

Stainless steel head badge

Stainless head badge.

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